Your digital transformation co-pilotXperience the power of AI to outperform

Our mission is to help companies unlock the potential of product and tech teams by harnessing the power of data and AI, and achieve their digital transformation goals faster

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Today’s business environment demands innovation and fast paced delivery, yet many companies struggle to measure the performance of their product and tech teams, leading to delays and increased costs

We are on a Mission to unlock the potential of product & tech teams by harnessing the power of data and AI. We’re infusing data and AI to assess and improve teams’ productivity index, enabling efficient and predictable delivery outcomes, helping our clients achieve their digital transformation goals faster

We are bringing together high-performing teams that deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients whether it is digital product and technology strategies, operating models or building digital capabilities

Our community culture and our innovative approach is our engine for creating impactful teams with unprecedented efficiency

Our culture is built on four core pillars and binds us together:

A new paradigm for

digital transformation

We’re pioneering a new workforce model that combines the best of freelancing and traditional employment, we call it “preelancing

Our recommended community of product and tech practitioners work from anywhere, bound together by our culture. A culture built around learning, and continually evolving in connection with our clients. That’s why we created XOOTS Academy, with the latest industry insights, and training opportunities to help our clients and our community members stay ahead and continue to evolve in their digital transformation journey

Through our Tech Productivity platform, our engine for creating impactful teams, we select and assemble high-performing teams, to help our clients achieve their digital transformation goals faster

We are XOOTS – Your digital transformation co-pilot

At Xoots, we harnesses the power of data and AI to improve team performance

Our data-infused model empowers teams

Our vision is far bigger than any one person. We welcome ideas from anyone, anywhere. Having disruptive thinker is key to our creativity and our pioneering approach


Selecting a diverse team of experts.
The team matching process linked to skills.

Assemble teams to outperform.

Team Performance
& Initiative
Success Tracking

Team performance data to identify potential/near failure points.

Identify failure points as learning opportunities

Team Productivity
& Sustainability

Assessing/improving team productivity and sustainability index.

Optimise teams to outperform

Digital Tokens

Attracting the best talent and rewarding their achievements in the community through tokens.

Increasing visibility and recognition

Xoots – our name

comes from the Tlingit

word for “people”

We Are collaborativeWe Believe in teamwork

It reflects our focus on collaboration and teamwork. Our cultural values of being authentic, inclusive, collaborative and humble are inspired by the Tlingit, an indigenous people of Southeastern Alaska panhandle and the Alexander Archipelago, which consists of more than a thousand islands.

Explore Our Story, Our Mission, and learn more about XOOTS and our innovative model


Today’s business environment demands innovation and fast delivery

At XOOTS, we are obsessed with data and AI to optimize team performance and productivity

We help our clients achieve their digital transformation goals faster. Whether it’s maximizing the productivity of your existing team, assembling additional teams for faster project delivery, or refining your strategy and operating model from the ground up, we are here to help our clients

XOOTS offers a unique combination of digital strategy and insights, digital academy education and remote teams of high performing product and tech teams. By providing all digital transformation services in one place, we enable businesses to access these services at a fraction of the cost compared to big consultancies

Strategy &

1. Digital strategy including Web3 strategies

2. Productivity & sustainability assessments


1. XOOTS Academy learning

2. Digital Operating model including Web3 operating models


1. Assembling remote product and tech teams to deliver digital initiatives


At XOOTS, we’re excited to partner with companies looking to accelerate their digital transformation strategy and deliver the products their customers need.

Learn more about our innovative service offering, please get in touch by email or send us your questions below , and we’ll schedule an initial web meeting.
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    Join our community of “Preelancers™”

    Join our diverse community of innovative product and tech experts and industry CxOs who value collaboration, our empowering culture and the freedom to work from anywhere. Together we can support our clients to achieve their digital transformation goals and build better products.

    Our empowering culture is built on four core pillars that guide our work and binds us together – learn more about our culture

    What it means to be a “Preelancer™” at XOOTS


    Join as a talent

    Bring your product and tech experience, and passion to our diverse community and make an impact. We believe in the power of community

    Join our CxO Group

    Join as a CxO

    Our CxOs, include current or former CTOs, CPOs, CIOs , COOs or equivalent, who are practitioners providing pragmatic solutions tailored to our clients’ business needs

    Best Practice

    Share your experience

    Help us turn the XOOTS Academy into the place for best practice learning for the community members and our clients. We believe in the power of continuous learning to drive high performance

    Join the journey

    A community built by Professionals, for Professionals be part of this pioneering movement

    Join the XOOTS community and showcase your skills and expertise to connect with top-tier clients and opportunities

    We encourage active participation to help grow the community

    Joining, contributing to the community and finding rewarding assignments is simple. Fill in the form to let us know your interests

      What it means to be a “Preelancer™” at XOOTS

      We are a diverse community of innovative product and tech experts and industry CxOs working together, bound by our culture to solve clients problems
      We build trust by what we do and we take pride in the outcomes we deliver to our clients

      As a community we believe in providing a supportive and collaborative environment where everyone can thrive.

      The XOOTS academy and XOOTS tokens are our unique features to help grow the community

      XOOTS Academy

      Community members can attend live workshops, listen to industry experts, or participate in mentorship programs with experienced community members.
      Our goal is to equip everyone with the skills, knowledge, and support they need to succeed. Our training opportunities are designed to help everyone learn and grow, no matter the level of experience.

      Our unique approach integrates these directly into our work with clients, boosting productivity and speed to market.

      XOOTS Tokens

      in addition to getting paid for client assignment, we also recognize and reward valuable contributions with XOOTS tokens, which can be thought of as a community currency.
      XOOTS tokens don’t have any direct monetary value at the start, but they represent a stake in the success of the community.

      As the community grows and succeeds, we anticipate the tokens gaining value over time.