Starting on the journey

To start any journey, you need to have a passion and desire to pursue your dream. Right now, I am excited about the future, but I’ve had my share of adversity. Life does not follow a linear path and our experiences are unique and make us the person we are. Our experiences are the fuel for the next chapter of our lives

I am going to share parts of how I thought about my own XOOTS journey with the hope that it helps others realize that what is unique and powerful about them, how they navigate their journey, how they pivot when there is adversity. It is about the journey, not all about the destination.

  • Step 1: Reflect and find your lessons in life
  • Step 2: Own your own narrative and be true to yourself – Do not care about others, what they think about you, your ideas, your life, just be yourself
  • Step 3: Once you find your dream, your destination, make it a shared purpose, go all in, give it everything, be obsessed with it, be inspired by it
  • Step 4: Don’t constrain your thinking, but once you have decided the big dream, walk it back to the first step and determine your MVP, iterate with measurable objectives, and execute intensely against those measures

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