Monthly Archives: February 2023

We’re a ‘community First’ company

Lets delve into how XOOTS is built on the foundation of a community-first philosophy, shaping the future of work with a unique workforce model that offers flexibility, autonomy, and purpose to its members. XOOTS is redefining the traditional workforce model by creating a network of highly skilled professionals who embrace portfolio careers. As a recommended […]


people are the heart of everything we do

At XOOTS, we believe that people are the heart of everything we do. But what does that really mean? For us, it means fully empowering our community members to fulfil their career goals, whether that’s through innovative product development, sustainable engineering practices, or agile principles. To achieve this, we’re focused on finding the right people […]


Culture as a foundation

At XOOTS, culture isn’t just a buzzword. It’s the foundation of everything we do. We believe that by creating a culture that’s inclusive, authentic, and people-first, we can build a team that’s more innovative, productive, and successful than anything else out there. But what does that mean in practice? For us, it means embracing a […]