people are the heart of everything we do

At XOOTS, we believe that people are the heart of everything we do. But what does that really mean? For us, it means fully empowering our community members to fulfil their career goals, whether that’s through innovative product development, sustainable engineering practices, or agile principles.

To achieve this, we’re focused on finding the right people for our community, those who are passionate, committed, and driven by a deep sense of purpose. It’s not just about finding the people with the best CV. It’s about finding those who believe in our people-centric culture and are vested in everything we do.

Our community-first model is built on a foundation of data-driven decision-making, creating high-performing teams, sustainable product and engineering practices, and agile principles. We reward active participation in the community through our innovative tokens, increasing visibility, recognition, and opportunities to work on high-impact initiatives.

But we’re not just focused on what our community members can do for us. We’re also committed to helping them achieve their goals and build their careers with us. That’s why we’ve created XOOTS Academy, which offers a range of support and resources to help our community members operate as high-performing teams. Access expert speakers, industry insights, and training and development opportunities to stay ahead of the game in product development.

At XOOTS, we’re not just building products. We’re building a community of passionate and talented individuals who believe in our mission and are committed to making a positive impact in the world. And we’re doing it by putting people first, community first, and transparency first.

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