A great hire - the foundation of high performing teams

At XOOTS, our focus is on building high-performing teams. To achieve this, we seek talented individuals who possess not only exceptional domain skills but also the right mindset and behaviours.

Hiring the right team is crucial, as it lays the foundation for everything else. As the saying goes, “great people deliver great tech.” Often, when products fail or face delays, it’s not due to technical issues but rather not having the right people with the right mindset and behaviors to work together as a team.

At XOOTS, we look for six key attributes in a great hire:

  1. Determination and resilience: We seek individuals who are proactive and lead from the front. These people demonstrate determination and motivation to get things done, learn, and bounce back after setbacks. They don’t necessarily have to be loud or pushy; it’s their character that speaks volumes.
  2. Problem-solving skills and big-picture thinking: A great hire can not only dig deep to solve problems but also step back to see the bigger picture. This balance is essential for making well-informed decisions. Effective problem-solving also underpins making good judgment.
  3. Decision-making in complex situations: A great hire should be capable of making big decisions even in challenging circumstances. They should be able to rely on data when available, but also be comfortable making informed decisions when data is scarce.
  4. Collaborative interaction style: Regardless of their seniority, a great hire must be able to interact effectively with others. They should be comfortable expressing their views in challenging situations and be open to feedback and collaboration.
  5. Servant leadership: If the role involves leading others, we look for servant leaders who empower their team and serve as a coach. Command-and-control leadership styles are not welcome at XOOTS.
  6. Growth potential: While it might be tempting to hire someone to solve an immediate problem, we focus on the potential for growth and long-term impact. A great hire should be adaptable, eager to learn, and capable of making a more significant contribution in the future.

By focusing on these six attributes, we at XOOTS are confident that we can build high-performing teams that drive innovation and success

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