Why should you consider becoming a CxO with XOOTS

At XOOTS, we cultivate a community that emphasizes the freedom to create innovative products through exceptional teams, both remotely and in flexible work environments. Our community-driven approach shapes everything we do, connecting us with passionate and qualified CxOs who collaborate with us as co-founders or colleagues. Ultimately, our CxOs become not just our shareholders, but also our valued customers and trusted friends.

Are you a seasoned product and technology leader, a current or former CTO, CIO, CPO, COO, or equivalent, who excels in both strategy and execution? Perhaps you’ve considered becoming a Non-Executive Director (NED), but feel that you could make a more significant impact at the operational level across multiple clients and industries

At XOOTS, we’re seeking extraordinary professionals to join our community of CxOs. In this role, you’ll play a pivotal part in shaping the future of digital transformation, offering invaluable strategic guidance and hands-on expertise to organizations worldwide. Here’s why partnering with XOOTS as a CxO Expert is an exceptional opportunity to advance your career, broaden your network, and create a lasting impact on the businesses we collaborate with:

  1. Drive real change with your expertise: As a CxO, you’ll apply your extensive understanding of digital technologies to create actionable strategies and insights for clients. Your expertise in areas like AI, web3.0, blockchain, and cybersecurity will be essential in guiding organizations through their digital transformation journey.
  2. Broaden your professional network: Collaborating with XOOTS as a CxO offers a unique opportunity to expand your professional network, connecting you with top-tier technology and product practitioners, as well as industry leaders from various sectors. Through our collaborative platform, you’ll engage with like-minded professionals, exchange ideas, and stay up-to-date on the latest trends in digital transformation.
  3. Enjoy flexibility and autonomy: At XOOTS, we understand the importance of flexibility and autonomy. As a CxO, you’ll work on a fractional basis with a minimum commitment of approximately 2 days per month, enabling you to balance personal and professional responsibilities while maintaining a diverse portfolio. You’ll have the freedom to choose engagements that align with your expertise, interests, and availability, and we always avoid non-compete scenarios
  4. Continuously grow and contribute to community’s development: Becoming a CxO Expert within the XOOTS community provides you with opportunities for ongoing growth and learning in your field while contributing to the community’s collective development. Exposure to various industries, challenges, and emerging technologies ensures that you remain at the cutting edge of digital transformation trends.
  5. Unlock parallel entrepreneurship: The XOOTS CxO role opens the door to parallel entrepreneurship by advancing your career, expanding your network, and sharing in the success of XOOTS with our unique digital tokens. Furthermore, you’ll have a voice in shaping the future direction of XOOTS

Join us. We’re fortunate to assemble an amazing team of CxOs who who generously share their expertise and are united by a single goal: to make a lasting impact on the businesses we work with.

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