How do we create a positive impact on each other

At XOOTS, we believe that people work to solve problems and be team players. However, when someone feels objectified, silenced, or not given equal opportunities, the workplace suffers, and the productivity of the entire team is affected. To create authentic respect and understanding of each other’s interaction preferences for more productive and engaging interactions, we have established community “operating instructions”: How Do We Work Best Together, which every community member receives when they join. Simple acts of civility and thoughtfulness can significantly impact making workplaces feel more inclusive, welcoming, and productive.

Additionally, we ask every new member to define their own “operating instructions: How to Work with Me So It Works for You.” With XOOTS built on the foundation of autonomy and remote working, certain guidelines are necessary to ensure everyone’s success. Although there is no flawless formula for engaging or interacting with remote teams, time and effort are needed to understand each other’s unique operating instructions and respecting overall operating instructions for XOOTS as a community.

XOOTS community operating instructions:

Our culture

  • “People-first” – Committed to cultivating a culture where people can thrive and do meaningful work
  • Diversity, Inclusivity: Celebrating diversity of thoughts and backgrounds, and promoting equity and inclusion
  • Distributed community: Valuing the unique identity of individuals and embracing remote working flexibility
  • Collaboration: Encouraging collaboration amongst community members to solve problems together.

Your operating instructions: How to work with me so it works for you.

  • Importance of creating personalized instructions to share with other community members


  • Only accept work within your expertise
  • Under-promise and over-deliver
  • Pursue initiatives that ignite your passion

Keeping us informed

  • Maintain up-to-date personal information
  • Avoid subcontracting for transparency

Contribute to the community

  • Help grow the community


  • Being agile requires us to adopt a unique approach to communication e.g. before scheduling a meeting, ensure its necessity and purpose
  • When organizing a meeting, clearly define the desired outcomes and decisions. Have an agenda, stay focused, and take responsibility for achieving the meeting’s objectives
  • In all interactions, remember to communicate as a community member, showcasing our XOOTS identity. This includes using XOOTS email addresses, maintaining XOOTS values and culture, and presenting ourselves as one XOOTS community

Your own operating instructions:

To define your own operating instructions and foster a positive impact on interactions within the community, follow these steps:

Step 1: For Personal Reflection

Reflect on various aspects of your work and preferences, such as motivation, communication, work style, delegation/decision making, performance, personality style, how-I-like-to-be-led style, and pet peeves.

Step 2: For Public Consumption

Summarize your responses into a set of Operating Instructions that others can use to work with you successfully. Remember to use “I” statements, keep the list concise (7 to 10 items), and get feedback from someone who knows you well before publishing your list.

This process will create a more understanding and productive environment for all community members and promote more effective interactions

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