Perfect is often the enemy of good

At XOOTS, we believe that agility is everything. With everything changing so quickly around us, we need to take risks sometimes to stay ahead, which means that speed of iteration beats quality of iteration. That’s why we’ve adopted an agile mindset that allows us to move quickly, experiment often, and learn from our mistakes.

To achieve this, we try to adopt lean disciplines in everything we do to minimize decision-making bottlenecks, reduce synchronization bottlenecks, and reduce processes to a minimum. By doing so, we’re able to move faster, make decisions more quickly, and iterate more efficiently.

But adopting an agile mindset isn’t just about moving quickly. It’s also about optimizing for speed for faster learning and higher quality. As I’ve learned throughout my career, perfect is often the enemy of good. In early part of my career, I used to be a perfectionist, wasting my time and my team’s time trying to get everything just right. But now, I’m a great advocate of optimizing for speed and faster learning. Speed without data means you aren’t learning, and data without speed means you’re not learning fast enough.

At XOOTS, we’re committed to adopting an agile mindset that allows us to move quickly, learn fast, and stay ahead of the curve. Whether we’re developing new products, experimenting with new features, or iterating on existing community processes, we’re always focused on staying nimble, agile, and adaptable. And we believe that this approach will allow us to create something truly great, something that will make a real difference for our community and our clients.

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