DevSecOps approach

DevSecOps is about incorporating security practices into the DevOps process, creating a holistic approach to security that includes people, processes, and tools.

Consider a use case where an organization is struggling with visibility, audit issues, unified governance, and risk mitigation. DevSecOps offers multiple benefits in such situations:

Observability – Ensuring the application delivery process is transparent from user stories to code, build, deploy, manage, and continuous improvement stages.

Traceability – Understanding and tracking the user stories being deployed and managed in the runtime environment while providing evidence of their implementation.

Confidence – Building a trusting relationship between the business and IT, ensuring that what is outlined in the user stories is accurately reflected in production

Compliance – Integrating compliance into the release process and building it into the release pipeline.

The DevSecOps process involves several stages:

  • Idea – Develop well-formed user stories that are appropriately sized, clearly defined, and understood by software engineers.
  • Code – Adopt Test-Driven Development (TDD) and pair programming to enhance security and mitigate the risk of introducing bugs at the coding level. Begin by writing test cases, followed by the code itself.
  • Build – Apply standard coding practices and conduct code scanning to identify potential issues such as infinite loops, undeclared variables, or vulnerabilities.
  • Deploy – Ensure that images are immutable and that the same images processed during the build stage are used in deployment.
  • Manage – Implement mutation detection to prevent runtime containers from introducing vulnerabilities.

By embracing the DevSecOps approach, organizations can effectively address security concerns and create a more secure and reliable application delivery process. This holistic method allows businesses to proactively manage risks and create a more robust software development lifecycle.

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